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What they are saying....



Don’t wait for the special event to come around… 


You wont ever be thin enough, or have enough time,

or have a better hair day. 


Today is ENOUGH … YOU are enough! 

One of the most interesting side-effects of the Covid pandemic is the wake-up call to many families and businesses who are recognizing and prioritizing what matters most. 

It doesn't surprise me that photography is leading that list. 

As I welcome my mid- 50's,

I’m looking to make every moment count.


Which is why I’m a proponent of capturing those moments that are happening right now. 


Andrea Blakesberg Photography_edited.jpg

I had a tall order for Andrea

in photographing my 160 acre guest ranch,

helping me with branding,

and getting personal images that I liked,

and she did an amazing job with it ALL!

Andrea is a true professional,

and has a way of making the sessions feel light,

playful and so NATURAL!

She REALLY listens to what it is that you want to accomplish with your photos and the feeling you want them to illicit, and she just NAILS it!

She produced a zillion photos that I absolutely love and will be able to use for my business

and personally for YEARS to come!

I whole-heartedly recommend Andrea for your next photo session...the girl can do anything and everything. And she does it so well!

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