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I specialize in portrait photography for families, high school seniors and women. I’m on a mission to remind families to be mindful of their time together. Instead of selfies, I want to capture interaction. Instead of quick cell phone snapshots, I want to capture a moment and help you memorialize it for all time.

I want you and your family to EXIST in portraits.  

I want to photograph the family that plays together, gets loud together and who LAUGHS together.   Families are such a unique entity and like a snowflake, no two are alike.... and yet there are endless similarities.

Because at the end of the day, what makes us happy,

what feeds our soul is the love we give and receive within our family.

Laura Reiss

Thank you Andrea Gordon Blakesberg for your time, your talent, your silly, funny, self expression, patience and playfulness. What an amazing experience we alllll had with you. You have this amazing way of connecting with many different types of people and you certainty connected with the entire Reiss/Lee/Baratz Family!!!!! We still talk about what an amazing experience our time with you was. Our time together wasn't just about posing & talking pictures, it was an adventure & a joyful experience!

Elaine Etess

I have had the experience  of working with numerous  photographers . 

None of my prior experiences were as pleasant and professional as the recent photo shoot with Andrea. My entire family and all the guests remarked what a pleasure it was.

Thank you Andrea

Corinne Gilad

Andrea did a photoshoot for my engagement and I’m so glad she did! She brings so much fun and joy to the photoshoot with her energy and personality and the pictures are amazing!!!! Got an album and some incredible large prints of my favorites and I’m so happy!

Lanita Ugstad

Andrea is absolutely the best photographer ever! We clicked immediately and I feel will have a lasting friendship for many journeys to come. I will look to her for any photography needs I have, even though we are on opposite ends of the coast. She is kind and observant and truly takes the time to get the best shot. She is also pretty bada$$ and does what it takes to get the shot - including having you hold a yoga pose for quite a while! Through photography and her presence, Andrea gave me my voice back, empowered me to be a goddess and showed me that I am pretty bada$$ too. I absolutely love her. ❤️

Carole Karsch

Our children gave us the perfect 60th anniversary gift. A session with Andrea! Results were spectacular. She was patient, creative and a pleasure to deal with. 16 people look great. She took loads of pictures on the beach not an easy setting. Best results we have ever had with a photo shoot. She’s great!

“ Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”  -Matt Hardy

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