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This is for you to learn more about the process. But, more importantly, for us to get to know you and understand the vision you have for your session: tell us how you want to be photographed.

As part of the consultation we'll talk about location(s), wardrobe and who else you want to join you.


When your session date arrives, our goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable in front of Andrea's lens.   

Andrea gently guides you through a series of poses, all the while talking and sharing stories.  Making it feel less like a nerve-wracking experience and instead as if you are sitting and chatting with a friend.  By establishing this line of conversation, she never fails to capture authentic expression and every bit of your personality. 

  Multiple outfit changes offer you plenty of opportunity to shine a light on everything that makes you stand out from the pack.


Approximately two weeks following your session, Andrea will share the pictures either at an in-person or ZOOM meeting.  During this meet-up, all your fully edited images will be available to view.   Invite anyone you want to view the images with. 

Only pick the ones you LOVE. 



All collections, wall art, and print packages come with the accompanying digitals. 

The number of digitals you receive are determined by the package you purchase. 

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